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Coach Nick

Feeling stuck?

Are you stressed or overwhelmed?

Tired of juggling work and home life?

Not sure what to do next?

Don't beat yourself up, it happens to everyone! Life Coaching can help. 

A life coach can help by:

  • Improving your mindset so you can more easily achieve success

  • Providing clarity on your goals

  • Holding you accountable to reach your goals

  • Shining light on what drives you so you take action

  • Helping you come up with specific action steps

  • and much more!

Don't you feel it is time you achieved more and lived the life of your dreams?

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Success Mastery Course

This course was designed to help people who feel stuck, who know that they were created to do more and want to achieve more, give more and be more. Within this course lies strategies and biblical principles to help you move forward.

Success Mastery will take you from feeling stuck to achieving your goals and creating sustainable success.


This course includes 10 lessons and valuable bonuses including;

Limiting Beliefs and How to Overcome Them,

Strategies for Success,

How to Master Yourself,

The Power of Thoughts and How to Manage Them,

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome,

Using a Powerful Why to Create Achievable Goals,

The Power of Imagination,

Choosing the Right Actions to Take

And many more...                                                a $299 value

You will also get my bonuses

12 daily habits to achieve more success            a $99 value

Affirmations for success                                       a $99 value

You will get access on the go with the mobile app as well. Simply download the Kajabi app and login using the email you used to purchase this product.

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$497         Now Only $29.97


What is a life coach?

Simply put, a life coach helps a client define exactly what they want to experience, feel, or achieve in their life that is different from where they are now. The coach then utilizes a set of tools and assignments to assist their client in honing the self-insight and skills necessary to make greater progress toward those goals. You are the hero, I am your guide.

What can a life coach do for you?

A life coach provides PERSPECTIVE and UNDERSTANDING along with structure and support

A life coach is external to your situation. He or she does not see you through all your history. A life coach allows you to discuss your dreams without judgement and helps you find the answers you need to reach them.

A person who has been around you for a long time will not be able to get that perspective.

For instance, say you tried something before and it did not exactly work according to plan, they would be tempted to say  “Look, are you going to try this again? Don’t you remember the last time you tried?” They don't mean to keep you from your dream, they are actually trying to protect you and don't realize they are actually holding your back. After all, we learn from mistakes!

A life coach is able to look at the situation with fresh eyes and then can open up possibilities. This is a key advantage of Life coaching.

Of course, there will be discussions between you and the life coach to initially create attainable and realistic goals. A coach will bring awareness around all steps that need to be taken and the level of commitment required for you to reach that goal.

Life coaching provides ACCOUNTABILITY

Another key part of life coaching is holding you accountable for what you need to do. This is part of the core competency of a life coach. Once planning is completed, a life coach will ensure you are being held accountable for your next item on your action list.

It is important to find a credible life coach or you will likely only be hiring a “friend” you pay to have a good chat with from time to time.  The life coach needs to ensure you are progressing towards your goal!

Now that you know some ways a life coach can help you, I would like to give you a special offer.

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